Podere Forte

Pasquale Forte has a passion. The land. It is a passion with time-honoured origins; his Calabrian parents owned land, vines and olive groves. Then the transfer of the family to Lombardy, his studies, his entrepreneurial adventures, which continue today, directed Pasquale Forte’s ambitions towards new destinations, new challenges. But the land and its products, wine and oil, have an irresistible charm for him.

The Podere belonged to the historic Petrucci family of Siena for centuries. The estate is located east of Montalcino, and has been restored to it former glory by Pasquale Forte and his team.

“We work the fields just as they did 2000 years ago", says Pasquale Forte. The agricultural individuality, as inspired by the biodynamic agriculture of Rudolf Steiner, creates an ecological and environmentally sustainable principle which we stick to religiously".

This is a "modern" estate, in the sense that they will not leave anything up for random. Control is everywhere, and it shows in their wines, which are meticulously balanced, with integrated oak, juicy acidity and pronounced minerality, all thanks to a clever combination of century old and new techniques.



Guardiavigna is one of the best kept Super-Tuscan secrets. Yeah, yeah, we are aware that the term “super tuscan” is as modern as analogue telephones, but if you remove the wool from your eyes, you will realize that this Cabernet Franc based blend is pretty unique. This wine carries a true Tuscan soul, with a balanced influence from Bordeaux. Perhaps thanks to its Demeter Certification, Guardiavigna is more naked in its Terroir expression compared to most other pedigree Bordeaux-blends from this area. We adore it!


When we first tasted this wine, we were floored by its intensity, age-worthy structure and staying power, so beautifully counterbalanced by freshness and minerality. 100% Sangiovese, the Petrucci borrows the historic name of the Podere. An old vine close to a hundred year-old oak was revived as the symbolic mother of the grapes that produce this brilliant ruby red wine with an intense bouquet of cherry and raspberry and a mineral finish. The Petrucci is unforgettable, just like the lands from which it was born.


Born as little brother of the great Petrucci, it come from the youngest vineyards. Wine of magnificent grapes, it surprises for its powerful structure, even after only two years from harvest. Thanks to the hard works done to improve the soil, Petruccino has become a true premier cru, inspired expression of the Podere excellent soils. We’re disregard all people stating that there is something “secondary” about this wine, as it has proven itself to be of excellent quality in multiple tastings.

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At a Glance

WHO: Podere Forte
WHERE: Southern Tuscany, located east of Montalcino.
WHAT: Super-premium wines made from Sangiovese and varieties originating in Bordeaux.
HOW: Demeter certified yet modern in many aspects, Podere Forte's wines are sincerely true to their Tuscan origin.
QUANTITY: 35.000

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