Le Ragnaie

The Le Ragnaie winery is the property of Riccardo and Jennifer Campinoti who with the collaboration of their indispenable staff follow with meticulous attention every phase of the winemaking process. Always striving to produce a product of the highest quality while respecting the surrounding land. In our opinion, Le Ragnaie produce the most Burgundy-influenced Brunelli, we've ever come across.

Le Ragnaie winery extends over 28 hectres in the county of Montalcino which is located in the Province of Siena. Their land is cultivated with vines and olive groves and we follow the guidelines for Organic Agriculture. Vines surrounding the property enjoy the highest elevation of any vineyard in Montalcino but they also cultivate a vineyard located along the Scarnacuoia road (one of the oldest wine making zones in the area) as well as two plots in Castelnuovo dell'Abate.

Certified Organic, this estate sincerely respect the land from where its wines derive. Minimum intervention is the ruling factor, and the objective is to produce wines that speak of the land, and showcase their respective Terroirs.

Attention to detail in every aspect is the rule here. Fermentation using indigenous yeasts only, long macerations and prolonged aging in Botti, creates an elegant and very refined style of wines.


Brunello di Montalcino

When dining alone in Montalcino last spring, I was blown away by the elegance of Riccardo Campinoti’s Brunello di Montalcino. Immediately then, I knew that this winery was destined to become a cornerstone in building Brix Wine. Much later, when reading AG’s tasting note for this wine, I couldn’t help smiling, as it echoes my own, basically word by word!

“Le Ragnaie’s 2010 will appeal to readers with an appreciation for Red Burgundy or Nebbiolo.” Antonio Galloni

Brunello di Montalcino Fornace

Elegance, that is the heartbeat of Le Ragnaie’s wines. Vigneron Riccardo Campinoti has rapidly ascended the ranks of a stoic and timeless region. 2010 marked the second year to shun the use of barriques for maturation and for all fermentation to occur in concrete. Many consider 2010 to be an all-time great and for Riccardo it was his moment to be appreciated by the world’s Brunello lovers, including most of the influential wine critics.

Brunello di Montalcino V.V

‘V.V.’ (Vecchie Vigne) is a polarizing wine for many as it has such a tight core. It shows the freshness and brightness of this high-altitude site, the highest in all of Montalcino. Freshly cut flowers, black cherries and spices are some of the many notes that flow from the glass in this beautifully delineated Brunello. Expressive aromatics are woven throughout, adding harmony and finesse. The Ragnaie V.V. is an example of how well some of the central, higher-altitude plots performed in 2012.

Rosso di Montalcino

Le Ragnaie’s Rosso di Montalcino offers a great and affordable alternative to their hard-to-find Brunelli. The Rosso is sourced from estate vineyards in Castelnuovo dell’Abate and vinified with similar care as their prestige bottlings. Nowadays, the prolonged aging regime in barrel for Ragnaie’s Rosso, has positioned this wine as a true Baby Brunello. It’s just an awesome interpretation of Sangiovese from this territory!


The artist formerly known as ‘Chianti Colli Senesi.’ Riccardo grew annoyed with the DOCG administration as for the second time in eight years the Colli Senesi was turned down DOCG status due to too pale of color. ‘Troncone’ translates to ‘stump’ and it is the nickname given to Riccardo’s grandfather and Ric wanted to honor his grandfather with a wine. It also made sense as there is a large tree stump in the middle of this block thus a bit of a double meaning.

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At a Glance

WHO: Le Ragnaie belongs to the Tuscany's pedigree producers, creating stunningly elegant wines from the Montalcino area.
WHERE: The estate vineyards are the highest within the Brunello di Montalcino appellation, thus creating elegant and refines wines with refreshing acidity.
WHAT: Serious Chianti Colli Senesi, awesome Rosso di Montalcino and three different and utterly compelling Brunello di Montalcino versions.
HOW: Fermentation using indigenous yeasts only, long macerations and prolonged aging in Botti, creates an elegant and very refined style of wines.
QUANTITY: 60.000

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