The brainchild behind this micro negotiant label is Christian Patat. Most of you have never heard of him, nor encountered his great wines. Some of you (lucky basterds) have been served an occasional bottle of Miani, probably be yours truly. Well Christian Patat helped Enzo Pontoni to blend that wine! He ain't nobody.

The New-Otium brand was born during one of these blending sessions, when Enzo and Christian decided that a few Miani barrels weren't qualified to be labeled as Miani. So what do you do? You ask Enzo to bottle these barrels separately under another label, and right then; Nec-Otium was born

Still to this day, the idea is the same. Christian Patat's friends produce their own wine as they see fit, but instead of bulking off disqualified juice, Nec-Otium gets the first offer, and usually it's "good enough" to be bottled on its own.

We offer Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and a punk-attitude Rosso, all from hillside vineyards in Friuli. We know from which producers our stuff were sourced. We might tell you. Or not.

Friuli is just complex and versatile. So much going on! Producers part of the Nec-Otium project are located in the Colli del Orientali hills, where grapes are fresher tasting and yields are lower.

As this is not a producer, by definition, there's no "philosophy" either. Christian Patat just picks the best batches from a bunch of heralded estates, and bottles them separately. On occasion there are blends introduced as well, and as sources are second to none, these versions usually offer outstanding complexity considering their modest price tags.

None. All wines are created by Friuli's elite winemakers, but as they are picky with what to bottle under their own name, occasional tanks/barrels are considered less great. These "left-overs" become Nec-Otium


Pinot Grigio

This is classic Pinot Grigio from Friuli-Venezia Giulia made for us by Christian Patat at Necotium who also produces Ronco del Gnemiz and makes wine with the legendary Enzo Pontoni at Miani. Unoaked, expressing remarkable energy and freshness, the wine displays an attractive clarity, while still embodying the texture and tone expected of 100 percent Pinot Grigio. The nose hints at white peach and orange blossom, while the palate is vivacious on the attack, with floral notes, crisp acidity and peach fruit. Great stuff at a crazy low price point.


Sauvignon di Jacopo

”Jacopo Sauvignon”, with its freshness and innate drinkability, is the ideal choice to accompany with style our daily life through which the Necotium company tells the passion and dedication of those who, day after day, they work hard to create quality products and identity. The grapes of this Friuli Colli Orientali Sauvignon DOC ferment in stainless steel tanks, without the malolactic, and then refine their own yeasts before being bottled. A respectful wine of its own territory and of its origin: simply Friuli Venezia Giulia in the glass.

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At a Glance

WHO: Nec-Otium
WHERE: Friuli, Italy
WHAT: Amazingly well priced wines, created by Friuli's best winemakers, but sold under this micro negociant label.
HOW: All natural stuff. Just way cheaper.
QUANTITY: Highly variable, but for sure more than 150.000 bottles annually.

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