Manni Nössing

Manni Nössing is the star producer in this part of Alto Adige. The estate is fairly young, but his produce has already achieved world acclaim. Manni is a humble man, who always let his wines do the talking. And they sure speak out loudly.

The Isacra Valley is unique in that sense that its surrounded by mountains, creating almost desert-like growing condition on the valley floor. Manni's vineyards, climbing up to 800 m.a.s.l see serious temperature fluctuations from day to night, which allow his grapes to fully ripe, yet retain lofty amounts of acidity.

The philosophy here is to capture the essence of these unique terrassed vineyards. Low yielding vines create dense fruit, but the cool autumn weather also allows acidity to shine brightly.

Vinification is done is stainless steel, with a few Acacia barrels in use as well. Wines are aged on the lees until bottling, usually 8-9 months after harvest. Natural yeasts, light filtration and blocked MF.



The Kerner grape variety (a German cross between Riesling and Trolling) has found its true home in the rugged hills of the Isarco Valley in Alto Adige, and Manni Nössing master it better than anybody else. His Kerner is a true white wine gem which offers rich stone fruit flavours and lively acidity.

Kerner grown in Germany never reaches the pedigree complexity of Manni’s wines, and this fact relies completely on his high altitude vineyards with poor, chalky soils. Fans of densely structured white wines with great cellar potential may well have found a new favourite here.

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WHO: Manni Nösssing
WHERE: Alto Adige
WHAT: Elegant, mineral laced and dense white wines from seriously high altitude vineyards.
HOW: Immense vineyard work carried out entirely by hand. Simplistic cellar work completely relying on great fruit.
QUANTITY: 30.000 bottles annually.

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