Reinhard and Cornelia produce wines which on numerous occasions have been compared to top-notch, white Burgundy, thanks to great concentration, deep minerality and salivating acid levels. Their wines are also controversial, as they include power thanks to crazy low yields, but this is beautifully counterbalanced by brisk acidity and a seriously strong sense of place. Their wines are the epitome of Brix Wine's philosophy, and we adore everything they produce.

Located in the northern Mosel, Heymann-Löwenstein take pride in offering wines from some of Germany's steepest vineyards, including the legendary Röttgen.

If you happen to own the land that Reinhard and Cornelia do, and have the energy to farm it, then you don't need a "philosophy", you just need patience. And you need to find clients adoring your day-to-day work. Heymann-Löwenstein and Brix Wine share this belief.

Classic winemaking in every sense, including prolonged aging in barrel, using the lees to emphasize texture and complexity, prior to bottling.



Riesling Kirchberg

Riesling Schieferterrassen

This cuvée blends the old terraces with its schistous soils, creating unique possibilities for high-end wine production. Widely regarded as Heymann-Löwenstein’s ”entry-level” wine, and we’re perfectly fine with this descriptor. We’ve been around for quite some time, but we’ve never experienced such complexity carrying a price tag this small ever before. Let’s just agree on the fact that this is a great bottle of wine, which won’t break the bank!

Riesling Winniger Röttgen

This incredibly complex wines comes from one of the most famous vineyards in Germany, if not the world! Johann P. Bronner, wrote already in 1834, this wonderful summary; ”The famous location rises out of the water to this incredible height in broken terraces which lay on mighty rocks. It is so steep that the hiker who is walking by, can’t understand how the single plots can be worked as they don’t seem to be connected with each other. It is the art alone which has overcome all the nature’s obstacles”. It’s like poetry, and it says it all.

Riesling Winniger Uhlen Laubach

Riesling Winniger Uhlen Roth Lay

When tasting this deep and stunningly complex Riesling from the Uhlen Roth Lay vineyard, we think of a German equivalent to Burgundy’s Corton-Charlemagne! This is broad and layered with an immense mineralic spine racing thru on the never-ending finish. Needless to say that our allocation will always be limited as production from this site is scarce, so we strongly recommend pre-booking here. A few magnums will be offered as well.

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At a Glance

WHO: Cornelia and Reinhard are the dedicated couple behind these world famous wines.
WHERE: Located in the northern part of the Mosel, including some of Germany's steepest and most breathtaking terraces
WHAT: Amazingly deep and concentrated, yet refined wines, combining the complexity of Burgundy's Corton-Charlemange with an elegance exclusive to Riesling.
HOW: Rigorous selection in the vineyards, late harvest, classic winemaking and prolonged aging on the fine lees all contribute to Heymann-Löwenstein's unique style.

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