The Team

We’re all different, and we disagree on many things in life, but when it comes to wine, we stand united. While our personal preferences and favorite wines varies, the quest for quality is what motivates us all. Combined, we bring a boatload of experience and knowledge into Brix Wine, and it’s our humble wish to share this with our beloved customers.


Jörgen Lindström Carlvik

Dedicated owner, founder, proud employee
and your humble servant

Brix Wine is actually all that I ever wanted to do – I just didn’t know it until recently. Now that the Force of Wine has finally brought me here, I promise you all to never look back! Instead, I’ll always stay alert and offer you cutting edge wines from daring winemakers across the globe.

My personal references derive from numerous vineyard walks with some of the best teachers you can possibly ask for. The ones I’ve chosen for Brix Wine is the essence of these meetings and represent producers who I egocentrically prefer, for various reasons.

Within Brix Wine you’ll find many styles of wines, simply because I personally like many different things. I don’t see a reason in disregarding anything great, as there are indefinite occasions to celebrate this specific nectar of liquids. Therefore, I’d be happy to meet all of Brix Wine’s family members to share a glass or two!

I graduated as Sommelier at Restaurangakademien in 1999, and following that I completed the WSET Diploma in 2002. Since 2006, I’ve been part of the teaching team at Restaurangakademien, where I major in tasting methodology, but I also write articles and blogs for, and contribute frequently to Ebob and Vinous.


Thomas Pennerud

Dedicated partner, CEO and head of
the rosé department

Privately, I’m a happy wine and food loving person, but I’m also an entrepreneur, husband, loving father and friend of many. I’ve been working with food as owner of several retail supermarkets since the early 90’s. I graduated as Sommelier at Restaurangakademien in 2009, where I first met Jörgen who was one of my teachers there.

This adventure inspired me to launch a combined wine bar and bistro within my supermarket, offering tasting classes specializing in Italian delicacies and wines from Piedmont. The first wine that really caught my attention was a Barolo from the 1989 vintage, and since then this specific region always propels my tastebuds more than other places do. Since then, I’ve tried hard to quench my never-ending thirst for a deepened knowledge of great wines and the passionate producers creating them. I’m delighted to be able to present many of my absolute favorite producers at Brix Wine!

Apart from deepening my knowledge about wine and further developing my cooking skills, I also take my businesses seriously. Brix Wine is not just another business for me, but a chance to build something genuine where both customers and producers are invited to explore our true passion for wine and the people we work with.

But first and foremost its about the wine itself… Exploring a wonderful wine is a heartwarming journey in itself, and I’ve got multiple tickets available.


Fredrik Sandelius

Dedicated partner, head of sales and full
of great ideas

I originate from Gotland, which to me is the greatest Terroir in Sweden. I started out as a bartender there ages ago, before moving to Australia, where local jug wines immediately caught my attention. Somehow, these cheap box wines convinced me to further explore what I was drinking, and soon enough I was learning about the winemaking process, varieties and various Terroirs. Since then, all my work has centered around wine, and I got my Sommelier examina in 2005.

At present, I live in Åre, but previous to this, I’ve crossed Sweden on multiple occasions in the interest of wine. Being a proud partner of Brix Wine, gives me possibilities to hang out with old friends, meet new ones as well as creating a smooth business platform where we all can thrive. My objective is to create a new agenda within this trade, where I can fulfill my dreams and develop ”our” vinous Sweden. Wanna join me for a glass of wine?