Quinta do Vale Meao

Even though the estate has a long history and great significance for the Duoro region, it really began in 1999. The Olazabal family had just produced their first vintage of a red wine, bearing the estate name. It was never officially released, but those lucky few who tasted it realised that this was the rebirth of the Duoro region for table wines.

Before this bottling, there was only one truly great wine from these lonely parts of the Upper Duoro, the famous Barca Velha. It was historically sourced from the Olazabal family vineyards, and 1999 was the last vintage from here. The contender bet hard, and since then proven that their dry red version belong to the world's elite wines.

The unique thing about this Quinta is that grapes are block planted, enabling winemaker Xito Olazabal to pick his many varietals at optimum ripeness levels. Even though this part of the Duoro Valley is warm, resulting is intensely flavoured wines, there's always great minerality interwoven into their richness as well, resulting in an array of complexity.

The upper Duoro is regarded as the prime spot for Port and red wine production. It's a dry and warm spot, but high altitude vineyards add freshness to the blends created here.

The Olazabal family are humble people. They work really hard to honor their unique heritage, and their produce is second to none in Portugal. And elsewhere for that matter.

Grapes are still foot trodden in the old Lagares here, which sort of tells you something. Stainless steel and the best French barrels money can buy are part of the cellar too, but this is NOT a winemaking facility. It's all about passion and truly great wines.



Meandro is the second wine of this pedigree estate, located in the Upper Duoro. Younger vines and used oak barrels are used in this accessible yet age-worthy version. Rarely do we/you came across wines with a better ratio in terms of quality and price. This wine offer so much Brix Wine identity! Don’t miss it.

Meandro Reserve Port

Monte Meao Touriga Nacional

Quinta do Vale Meao Magnum


Vintage Port

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WHO: Quinta do Vale Meao
WHERE: Duoro, Portugal
WHAT: Classic, structured red wines and of course Port. Great historical significance, but also a frontrunner in Duoro's vinous revolution.
HOW: Classic, regional varietals are food trodden and fermented separately, then blended and aged according to Bordeaux-ish ideas.
QUANTITY: 180.000 bottles annually

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