Jean Bourdy

Founded in 1475(!), the current Bourdys represent the 15th generation cultivating land in Arlay, which today is the epicenter of Jura's revival as a wine producing region. When we first encountered these wines a few years back, we were sort of brought back in time and into another state of mind. Are these wines for real, we asked ourselves? They are indeed, and they represent a style of wine which is since long lost in our hurrying state of mind, where immediate pleasure rule our buying decisions. The Bourdy family couldn't care less, and we adore them for this unique approach to the wine world.

The Bourdy family cultivate 10 hectares of old vines located close to the village of Arlay. Farmed bio-dynamically and of course entirely by hand, their grapes are strong and capable of producing wines which can last for more than a lifetime. It's a testament to the true quality of the region, but above all to what traditionally made wines really means.

Demeter-certified since 2006, this estate has basically been organic since the very beginning. Great fruit, low yields and traditional winemaking are fundamental in the creation of these old-school yet truly personal Jura wines.

Still wines are aged 3-4 years in very old barrels, while Vin Jeaune and Chateau Chalon are aged 7 years prior to bottling. Winemaking techniques was inherited since several generations, and not much has changed since the beginning.


Blanc Savagnin

Cote du Jura Blanc

We bet most of you have never tasted Chardonnay like this! While crystal clear in its expression, this classically built-up Jura white proves to the open-minded taster that grapes are of secondary importance in the production of great wines. This is the essence of the Bourdy family’s Terroir, and while sipping this truly individual wine, it will literally take you to where it was born and raised.

Cote du Jura Rouge

Poulsard, Trousseau and Pinot Noir compose the holy trinity in this light-bodied, refined and traditionally crafted red Jura wine, reminiscent of very few others. We’ve had the fortune to taste this wine some 50 years old, and it still provides an amazing drinking experience, hence the reason for us to always offer back vintages as well. The 1959 tastes great at present if you’re interested…

Crémant du Jura

Galant des Abbesses

The ”Galant des Abbesses” is always prepared according to the old recipe left by the Ladies Abbesses of Château Chalon in the 16th century. Owners of the vineyards of Château Chalon, they made them work and vinify the wine of Château Chalon by many vine growers. They developed this recipe, which they called ”our gallant wine”. The original recipe indicated that the juice of grapes flowing from the press (the must) is put in a copper cauldron, to which we add 25 spices weighed to the nearest gram.

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At a Glance

WHO: Jean Bourdy is one of the oldest family owned producers in Jura.
WHERE: Jura is located east of Burgundy, and in the center of the appellation, you'll find this small and ultra-traditional estate where you'll always be welcome.
WHAT: Stony, elegant and traditionally crafted wines, built to age forever.
HOW: No modern equipments whatsoever are used when producing these rustic yet refined wines, including the regional classics such as Vin Jeaune.
QUANTITY: 30.000

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