Clos Saron

It all started early in 1995, when Gideon and his wife Saron were asked by a friend to take over his small (0.5 acre) vineyard and make some wine for themselves… At that time, the vineyard was planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, but Gideon chose to graft these 400 vines to Pinot Noir instead, as the site carries an unusually cool micro-climate. At the same time he also doubled the vineyard density by “own-rooting” a Pinot vine between every two grafted ones. This is how their initial “Old Block” came to be. Three years later, in 1988, the former owner sold the vineyard to Gideon and Saron, and the legendary Clos Saron was born.

The wild and rugged Sierra Foothills is certainly not the first area that springs to mind when thinking about Pinot Noir in California. Yet Clos Saron's “Home Vineyard” has proven to offer a remarkable if unlikely microclimate and soil combination for the successful production of a distinctive, expressive rendition of this variety. By now, the Home Vineyard is planted to 4500 own-rooted Pinot Noir vines, facing north-east facing at 450+ meters of altitude. Clos Saron's virgin soil is pure, uncontaminated and alive with microorganisms and earthworms, producing a lovely, "naked" fruit expression, rarely found in California.

As natural as they come; Gideon and his crew practice organics to the fullest, and there's no intervention whatsoever involved in their produce. Sulphites are added only at bottling, and levels rarely exceed 25 ppm.

All is done by hand at Clos Saron, and all wines carry a strong reflection of this approach. Barrel aging are in some cases prolonged, but the usage of new barrels are minuscule, enabling each vineyard and variety to shine.


Carte Blanche

This individual white wine originates in the Lodi AVA. This vineyard is farmed organically by Markus Bookish, and Gideon co-ferments a number of white grapes in order to create this unique wine, depending on the vintage. In 2014, grapes used were Albarino/Verdelho, and we believe that open-minded people accepting the orange wine movement will find this cuvee very joyful.

Gideon’s comments are; “This wine was 100% foot-stomped and fermented on its skins/stems, exactly as we make our reds. It is richly aromatic, textured, and flavorful, and light on its feet. Complex and refreshing.”

Home Vineyard Pinot Noir

The name says it all, doesn’t it? This site generally produce Clos Saron’s signature wine, the Home Vineyard Pinot Noir. Gideon’s interest in Pinot Noir is related to its unsurpassed ability to capture and express the essence of its place of origin. There is an old saying, that a good Pinot expresses its varietal, whereas a great one expresses its terroir… You will certainly find Clos Saron’s Pinots distinctly different from their Burgundy, Russian River, Central Coast, and Oregon relatives, while being as true to their varietal as any. We’re seriously excited to be able to offer these rare gems to Swedish discerning Pinot Noir connoisseurs.

Out of the Blue Cinsault

After a devastating frost at Clos Saron in 2011, Gideon decided to source fruit elsewhere, in order to produce “something”. The result was highly successful as he started a collaboration with organic Lodi grower Markus Bokisch. There are actually three different Cinsaults in the Clos Saron range these, and we’ve chosen the foot-stomped, wildly aromatic Out of the Blue as our Brix Wine pick.

Stone Soup Syrah

“2009 announced the first vintage of our Stone Soup Syrah. At about 2000ft. altitude, this vineyard is located about one mile up the hill from our home, on our friends John and Ellen Trezevant’s property. This Syrah’s expression is strongly individual: lighter than most in body and alcohol, it has very deep color, vibrant acidity, and fresh aromas. This 2-acre site is a textbook Syrah vineyard: south-facing, steep, extremely rocky, granitic, well drained. The challenge here is getting the vines established in this extreme low-vigor, arid hot-spot, but the early results are highly promising. About 10% of the vineyard is planted Viognier, which has been co-fermented with the Syrah starting with the 2013 vintage.”

The Pleasant Peasant Carignan

Made from century old, gnarly Carignan vines and aged in combination of concrete tanks and neutral barrels, this is about as naked as you’ve ever experienced this understated grape variety. Historically used for bulk wines, thanks to Carignan’s generous yield, there are a few areas around the globe where old vine Carignan strives and has proven, on numerous occasions, that greatness can be achieved.

In our opinion, this foot-stomped version, carries that “wow-factor”, so important in today’s wine world. And even more importantly, it has Sierra Foothills written all over it!

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At a Glance

WHO: Clos Saron is the brainchild of Gideon Beinstock.
WHERE: Sierra Foothills (Yuba County) in Northern California.
WHAT: Organic and provocative, all natural wines, derived from very poor soils and low yielding vines, some of them very old.
HOW: Traditionally and old-school crafted wines, with Terroir in focus.
QUANTITY: Limited and strictly allocated, annual production rarely exceed 30.000 bottles.

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