Poderi Il Carnasciale

The artist? At Carnasciale, we have two of them; Moritz and Bettina Rogosky. We should perhaps not forget the visionary founder Wolf Rogosky either, even though he passed away way to early back in 1996. But it was Wolf who decided to plant 0,3 hectares of the obscure variety Caberlot back in 1986 when the saga of this true cult winery began.

Poderi Il Carnasciale produce three different wines; one Sangiovese and two Caberlots. The Sangiovese is new to the range and plays a minor part in this estate's history as Caberlot is king here. Currently the Rogosky family cultivate five hectares of Caberlot divided into five distinctly different vineyards, all located in the Valdarno valley, some 60 kilometres south of Florence.

Production is small, with only about 3000 Il Caberlot produced every year. This, their top wine, is bottled in magnums only and its declassified juice go into their second wine, named after the estate. There are 6-8000 bottles of Carnasciale bottled annually.

From the beginning, only private collectors and very few restaurants in Italy were allocated any wine, and still to this day these rare wines are sold thru strict allocations.

Caberlot, you might ask? The variety is a natural cross between Cabernet Franc and Merlot, and it was found in the early 70's in an abandoned vineyard outside Verona. The famous agronomist Remigio Bordini planted four rows at his nursery, and a number of years later, Wolf Rogosky made sure to have exclusivity on the Caberlot variety, meaning that Carnasciale is the ONLY winery in the world where it's planted.

The villa is beautifully located nearly 400 metres above sea level an hour's drive south of Florence. Below the Rogosky residence, the lovely Valdarno valley offers striking, Tuscan beauty. The valley floor of varm and humid, and not really ideal for growing grapes, but at the altitude where Caberlot is grown, things have changed dramatically.

You don't really need philosophies when your estate covers five hectares, and you grow Caberlot, now do you?

Each vineyard and each picking date is fermented separately, creating a vast number of wines, which are all aged differently as well. High-end French coopers only, of course, and blending is done after 20-22 months of ageing. The most structured barrels are destined for the magnum bottle, and named Il Caberlot, while barrels offering a more supple texture are blended and bottled in the regular sized bottled, hence the reason that Carnasciale is indeed a true second wine.


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WHO: Poderi Il Carnasciale
WHERE: Valdarno, Tuscany, Italy
WHAT: Caberlot! Say what? Caberlot!
HOW: Burgundy influenced winemaking in Tuscany produced from a Bordeaux offspring.
QUANTITY: 10.000 bottles annually

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