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The man, the myth... Morgan Twain-Peterson foot-trod his first wine, a Pinot Noir, at the age of five! We're not at all surprised about Bedrock's cult following since the brand emerged less than 10 years ago, as (seriously) this is about as great and cool as they come. When Morgan was named Winemaker of the Year 2014 by the San Fransisco Chronicle, everything sort of went John Rambo's way, and we finally understood what he meant by "full circle". Morgans fame aside, none of this would have happened without his utterly cool sidekick, Chris Cottrell. They represent the essence of Brix Wine in so many, many ways!

Bedrock sources its old vine vineyards carefully, but they're actually located all over California, with most of their best wines originating from Sonoma, but with Morgan and his witty crew, you cannot rule anything out...

Old vines, old vines and hopefully even older vines, producing grapes of great concentration, which they ferment using indigenous yeast, favoring the Burgundy idea of manual punch-downs. Morgan vision is to maximize each vineyard's true potential and the key factor here is to create gutsy field-blends, offering serious concentration and longevity, but also elegance and present soil additions.

In order not to interfere with the true flavor of each variety and/or field blend, aging is mainly carried out in neutral barrels of various sizes. Indigenous yeasts are exclusively utilized here, and manual punchdowns according to old-achoo Burgundy principles are favored in orded to extract powerful yet gentle tannins.


Evangelho Heritage Wine

The Evangelho vineyard lies just inland from the Sacramento River Delta on banks of sand that can reach 40 feet in depth. Though a warm area there is rarely a day that passes without a serious wind—very much like a Californian Mistral and the antecedent to the fog coming through the Golden Gate—racing through the vineyard. This causes the vines to shut down for much of the hot afternoons, and the result is a wine that seemingly defies conventional wisdom when it comes warm weather sites. Evangelho tends to be the lowest in pH and alcohol of the Heritage Wines, and it shows way more elegance than you thought possible by reading the appellation.

Judge Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

“This vineyard is so rocky that Joe and Gail Judge were forced to remove 1000 tons of stone before creating adequate soil for vines. This greatly devigorates the overly enterprising Sauvignon Blanc vines and results in fragrant wines of solidly wrought temper. The wine was fermented entirely in the cigare barrels made famous by Didier Dagueneau, coopered to our specifications (aka, tight grain and very light toast) for us by our friends at Tonnellerie Atelier. Exotic and ambrosial, this wine captures what I love best about good Sauvignon Blanc—great aromatic complexity paired with nice texturing.” Morgan Twain-Peterson

Old Vine Zinfandel

“The Old Vine Zinfandel comes from a smattering of sites, most of them in Sonoma Valley, Alexander Valley and the Russian River Valley. As always, the Old Vine is really best described as a mixed-blacks, as other grapes – both red and white – comprise about 23% of the blend. It’s always a treat to see what Morgan Twain Peterson and his colleague Chris Cottrell are up to at Bedrock, where the focus is on showcasing California’s heritage sites and their extraordinary pedigree, something Bedrock and a handful of like-minded wineries have taken with notable enthusiasm.” Antonio Galloni

Shebang Red VII

“The cuvee VII is predominately Zinfandel and Grenache with a little Alicante Bouchet, Petit Sirah and Sangiovese, much of which comes from old vines. Rather than giving you a flowery worded description of the wine, which are always like 50% BS, why don’t you find out for yourself?! We think you will be very pleased.”

Do we feel that additional information is needed? Nope. Thanks to Morgan and Chris at Bedrock for this great summary!

Shebang White III Sauvignon Blanc

The Shebang label, represents fantastic wines at great prices. This is the third cuvee, and for the first time, it carries a varietal name. The wine is a blend of 80% Sauvignon Blanc, mostly from 30 year old dry farmed vines in Mendocino, ancient vine Muscadelle and a touch of ancient vine Semillon (both from Sonoma). Fermented with native yeasts, and aged in about 15% new French oak, this is fresh and clean with bright acidity and a wonderfully weighted mid palate. This is a great white for everyday drinking.

The Bedrock Heritage Wine

“Always the wine closest to my heart, the Bedrock Vineyard Heritage Wine comes my family’s old vineyard in the heart of Sonoma Valley. Planted between 1888 and 1895 and composed of over 22 interplanted varieties, the Bedrock Vineyard Heritage Wine is the wine that I started the winery to make. The piece of rock strewn red clay soils produced a wine of citrus-tinged red fruits and spice. I hope this wine speaks as much to the vineyard as to the varieties from which it is composed- which of course is the point.” Morgan Twain-Peterson

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At a Glance

WHO: Bedrock Wine Company is run by award winning winemaker Morgan Twain-Peterson and Chris Cottrell.
WHERE: Based in Sonoma, this winery produce non-manipulated, seriously crafted wines from selected vineyards across the North Coast.
WHAT: Focusing on California's unique and very old Heritage vines, Bedrock also produce a range of Syrahs and a few whites.
HOW: Whole cluster fermentation, natural yeast, neutral oak - you've seen it before. A classic approach to winemaking, dependent on great fruit.
QUANTITY: Numerous wines, but usually few bottles of each. Shebang being the obvious exception.

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