Fabrizio Iuli


WINE NAME: Nino PRODUCER: Fabrizio Iuli APPELLATION: Vino Rosso GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Pinot Noir FERMENTATION TANKS: Stainless Steel YEASTS: Natural MACERATION: 14 Days MALOLACTIC: Done AGED IN: Used French Barrels AGED FOR: 16 months CLARIFICATION/FILTRATION: None ALCOHOL CONTENT: 12,5 TOTAL PRODUCTION: 4000 ALTITUDE: 350-400 SOIL: Calcareous Clay YEAR PLANTED: 1999 DENSITY: 6,000 vines/hectare YIELD: 1.5 kg per plant VOLUME: 750 cl

Quick Facts

A completely unique expression of Pinot Nero from the white soil of Monferrato.
Tiny production made from 2 hectares total.
The affectionate young sister of the bunch…
Dijon clones 777, 114, 115.

The Wine’s Story

Nino means baby in dialect… and this vineyard, and project of making Pinot Noir in Monferrato is absolutely Fabrizio’s baby. Fabrizio planted a hectare of Pinot Nero (he says in Italy it is Pinot Nero, that Pinot Noir is only in…

France). His father and the residents of our 100 person town all shook their heads in dismay as Fabrizio ripped up old Barbera vines to put this ‘foreign and strange’ grape in their little village. Fabrizio chose Dijon clones for their aromatics… the part of Burgundies that obviously always intrigued him the most, and took some lessons and pointers from his long time friend and colleague Flavio Basilicata of Le Due Terre who had been producing Pinot Nero in Friuli since the late 80’s. With each vintage we see and feel the difference of another year of age on the vines, manifested in our glasses more than with any other of our varieties. It has been exciting to see what each new vintage brings with this finicky but obviously happy to be here vineyard. This wine has become somewhat of an icon for Pinot lovers in Italy, and Fabrizio began to have more demand than he had wine for, and so in 2011 Fabrizio rented another hectare of Pinot Noir already farmed organically just 20 minutes from our own vineyards. Spiced fruit, delicate balance, it’s a Pinot Nero without pretense that is ready to be enjoyed immediately upon bottling (unlike many of the great Burgundies).