About us

Brix Wine was founded by Jörgen Lindström Carlvik in 2014, with the sole objective of providing serious and objectively written articles about wine, including ratings that people can trust. When we conduct tastings or provide education, you can rely on that this will done professionally and include more in-depth knowledge than you thought possible.

We are also proud importers of wines from serious producers across the globe. Please check Our Producers, in order to learn more about our egocentrically chosen portfolio. We’ve teamed with people, sharing our idea about why wine is important; it’s about history, stories and lasting memories. At Brix Wine, we seriously adore our daring winemakers, and envy their passionate work – day in, day out – in order to capture the essence of one specific place, leading to wines with a strong sense of ”somewhereness”.

Welcome to our vinous adventure!